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Gwen Frostic in Greek

Volume 18: Elena Stagkouraki (2009): Translation into Greek and analysis of the Gwen Frostic books: "My Michigan", "A Walk With Me" and "To Those Who See"

Heartland 18 / WVT 2009

ISBN 978-3-86821-162-7

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Artist and poet Gwen Frostic lived her entire life (1906-2001) in the state of Michigan and devoted her life and art to this unique state. Throughout her remarkable lifetime, Frostic studied Michigan’s abundant flora and fauna and captured its diversity in hand-carved block prints and in her nature-inspired free verse.

This work focuses on the life of Gwen Frostic and includes an analysis of her verse, followed by translations into Greek of three of Frostic’s best-loved volumes: "My Michigan", "A Walk With Me" and "To Those Who See".

"My Michigan" is her first work, an homage to her beloved state. Enthusiastic response to this work convinced Frostic that she had a poetic audience. "A Walk With Me" is her hymn to nature, a lyrical work that allows readers access to Frostics majestic natural world in Michigan’s fields and woodlands. "To Those Who See" is dedicated to all who find pleasure in nature and listen to its wisdom.

160 pp., 14 fig. and tab.


Table of contents

0 Introduction 3


The translation into Greek of the Frostic Books: 5


Analysis of the books 62

1. Gwen Frostic: her life and work 63

1.1. Her life 63

1.2. Her work 64

2. Analysis of each book 65

2.1. Analysis of the book “My Michigan” 65

2.2. Analysis of the book “A Walk With Me” 69

2.3. Analysis of the book “To Those Who See” 75

3. Comparative analysis; content analysis 79

3.1. Theoretical Background on content analysis 79

3.2. Content analysis applied to the Frostic example 80

3.2.1. The “context of discovery” applied to the Frostic example 80

3.2.2. The “context of justification” applied to the Frostic example 80

3.2.3. The “context of evaluation” applied to the Frostic example 84

4. Difficulties in translating the Frostic texts 84

5. Greek presence in Michigan 89

5.1. Gwen in Ypsilanti 89

5.2. The phenomenon of Greek migration in Michigan 90

6. Conclusion 93

7. Bibliography 95

8. Other comments (maps) 100

9 Anhang: Ausgangstexte 104


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