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Myrtle Reed

Volume 29: Verena Dreher (2011): Myrtle Reed – From Fame to Oblivion

Heartland 29 / WVT 2011

ISBN 978-3-86821-351-5

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With the growing interest in genealogy, the number of historical biographies is rising accordingly, and the translator is required to gather all information about the person concerned through detailed research. This work documents such a personal research on the life of Myrtle Reed, an American author who wrote romance novels and cookbooks during the late nineteenth and the early twentieth-century. During her lifetime she was a famous personality, but today she is hardly known in America.

Both the research methods and the subsequent results are described step by step and these culminate in the reconstruction of Myrtle’s life, including information about her family, her childhood, her marriage, her development as a writer, and her death.

75 pp., 24 fig. and tab.


Table of Contents

Profiling and Translation  3
1 In Search of Myrtle Reed 4
1.1 Following her Traces 4
1.2 Hell in Paradise Flat: Chicago Magazine  5
1.3 Myrtle Reed and American Newspaper Archives 6
1.4 Data-mining within WorldCat 8
2 The Life Path of Myrtle Reed 13
2.1 The Reed Family 13
2.2 Myrtle Reed's Marriage with James Sydney McCullough 16
2.2.1 The "Husband Show" 20
2.2.2 The Marriage of the McCulloughs in Crisis 24
2.3 The Death of Myrtle Reed 28
2.4 The Rest of the Story 41
3 From Romance Novels to Cookbooks 44
3.1 Best-Selling Romance Novels 47
3.2 The Legacy of her Cookbooks 56
4 Myrtle Reed's Life and Works Revisited 62
5 Reflections 66
6 References   67 

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