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67 Clay Street, The Art of Gwen Frostic

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Reconstructing Life in the Midwest through Historical Letters



Researching handwritten personal correspondence provides insights into American culture, creates historical paradigms and has the capacity to enlighten us about how individuals can open significant gateways to bygone eras of American history.


Collections of letters acquired on auctions provide the corpora for these empirical studies.


Reconstructing the lives of individual letter-writers requires sophisticated scientific research methodology. From the perspective of translation studies research, their letters represent refined and scholarly research material supporting the study of translation in its cultural context.




Martha C. Connelly                             martha.connelly@iued.uni-heidelberg.de

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The Art of Gwen Frostic

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Gwen Frostic (1906-2001) was a multifaceted Michigan artist and author, papermaker and bookmaker. Her linoleum-block nature prints capture northern Michigan nature up close and in exquisite detail, from trees and wildflowers to furry forest animals and birds. Frostic observed the subtle nuances, then reflected the endless complexity of nature in her hand-carved artwork. Her detailed illustrations became the enchanting hallmarks of her books. Each page is created from a different kind of paper, and her delicate and intricate designs illustrate her inspirational writings. Michigan’s celebrated artist, Frostic created her own unique world of art, from the myriad of papers to the exquisite illustrations to the free-verse poetry that graces her pages. Generations have sought her remarkable artistic perspective and cherished her wisdom.


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Martha C. Connelly                            martha.connelly@iued.uni-heidelberg.de

Joachim Kornelius                              joachim.kornelius@iued.uni-heidelberg.de


assistant editor:

Viktorija Bilic                                     viktorija.bilic@iued.uni-heidelberg.de



The Legacy of Gwen Frostic in her Free-Verse Poetry

Beyond Time,  A Place on Earth, To Those Who See, A Walk with Me:

Translations into German, Spanish, French and Greek

Researching and Cataloging the Frostic Archives